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« on: December 17, 2015, 09:19:15 PM »
*Remove Mining; Then theres point on hunting and stuff, right now its easier to get afk tps Done 11.12.2015
*Daily maint; 1-2 maints per week means u can open only 3-6 totems per month, and its too small
*Daily events; after mining is removed then maybe instead of 2x latern events per day to 4x latern events per day
*Training zone; Training zone to training zone, right now its easy way to compose and lvl your pets up Done 17.12.2015
*Legion war; Legion war would be cool, like winner legion leader will get price and he has to share it with everyone who was part of legion war (allies,own leg members)
*Nerf loto rewards; Right now u can earn tj'ts, drops'elfs and stuff rlly fast from loto
*add donor pets to legion totems; roi told me that theres maximum totems added, but u can remove pets whats not used as much, right now everyone getting donor pets for tps, and would be good to register them
*new forum/homepage; right now it looks bad, u are getting enought from donations, it doesnt cost so much
*new maps and monsters;
*remove these trash posts from forums Done 08.01.2016
*get some forum moderators who will keep these spammers away
*automatic system for boss who drops 2700 tp bags; like once drops puppet 2700 tp bag then next boss etc

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