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Announcements / Forum Registration No Longer Instant
« on: March 12, 2016, 06:18:05 AM »
We have removed instant registration from the forum as a high number of people have been creating allot of spam on our forum, making it very hard to actually see the posts and topics that you want to look at.

Every account will now be monitored by our selected Admin team, if you want your account instantly accepted, please feel free to contact a PM or GH on the server and they will speed along your account !

Events / Halloween Event Started early!
« on: October 23, 2015, 07:21:10 PM »
Hey there! so we have started the halloween quest early ! it started today 23rd, will end on the 4th.

Here is a list of prizes with chances !

SuperMalachite         1/64
+5 Level Potion         1/64
10 TP card             18/64
AlphaMummy             1/64
999 White Roses        1/64
10 Special Exp Balls   3/64
TPCard270              2/64
SuperFluorite          1/64
SuperMoonBox           1/64
Philo Gem Pack         1/64
ThunderJuice           1/64
God Pet Stone          1/64
10 LuckyLucernes       3/64
19* WaterElf           1/64
10 Water Elfs 19*      3/64
999 Red Roses          1/64
2 Carved Pumpkins      2/64
SuperCitrine           1/64
BetaMummy              1/64
SuperTiger'sEye        1/64
ExpBallPackA           1/64 
SuperAmetrine          1/64
Treasure Bag           1/64
LuckyPotion+3          3/64
LevelPotion+1          2/64
SuperSodalite          1/64

Events / HOT Discounts on donation items!
« on: October 20, 2015, 10:03:58 PM »
Hot deals on donation stuff ! This will end 30th of this month! so get it while you can!


VIP Levels
Faster hatching rates + Better chance for more TP Bags to drop, the higher your level the more TP Bags that will drop.

VIP 4 = $5
VIP 5 = $10
VIP 6 = $13
VIP 7 = $18
VIP 8 = $22
VIP 9 = $27
VIP 10 = $33
VIP 11 = $37


Instant TPs

15000 TPs = $10
30000 TPs = $18
70000 TPs = $30



Instant Level 125 = $10
Max Level = $150 ( Straight to level 255 )
Open all legion totems = $10
+255 Casual = $10



+25 - +25 Element Gears + 2 Soc $20
+50 - +50 Element Gears + 2 Soc + All super Gems $42


Personal Maps

Personal Map With 3 Keys $30
Personal Legion Map (All legion members) $80


Personal Casual

Personal Casual With +5000 pdef/mdef/matk/patk/ +255 Element $35


Personal Pets

This is where you can pick a monster or any pet you know of, and turn them into your own pet you can pick any monster in game or give us the files your self, You can pick the stats of any pet already in the game. $40




Announcements / Now Accepting Game Helpers! Apply Here![Open]
« on: October 19, 2015, 05:46:23 AM »
Hello guys and thank you for viewing this topic, since you've viewing now i take it your interested in applying to be apart of our team!

We are looking for ONE game helper to help with, Ideas for the server, General question answering in the game and anything else you feel like doing to support our server !

As you all know right now there are only two staff members, myself T-Rex[PM] & Murtah[PM].

When applying for Game helper i would strongly recommend following the below guide as a template to help us get a understanding of you as a player. We are looking for Fun and helpful people who love crazy tao!

Please do not apply if you are not online allot, dislike people so wont provide help. As staff if a person you dislike in game you must be professional about it and help the player when they need the help, not providing the help you would lose your GH status. okay so now to the guide  ::)


1) What is your name in the game
2) How long have you been playing Crazy tao or any other Crazy tao games such as Eudemons online and conquer online and so on
3) What makes you want to apply to be apart of our staff, are you hoping to benefit ? or simply to help the game and hopefully make a difference ?
4) How old are you ? (this will NOT effect your application so please answer honestly)
5) How long have you been playing OUR crazy tao server ? (this will NOT effect your application)
6) Where are you from ?  (this will NOT effect your application)
7) Would you be a part of our forum ? post guides and other useful things?
8 ) What would your current rating be for the server ? 1 out of 10..  Also state any things you may dislike about the server. Please do be honest as it will NOT effect your application !

I hope you answer honestly Thank you for applying.

Kind Regards

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