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General Discussion / The Cloud
« on: June 13, 2016, 10:47:12 PM »
this is a short story I wrote a few years ago Hope you like it

Once there was a king named
Russell and he was a good King. One day he was in the middle of signing a tready with  the kingdom to the north when an arrow was shot at the king from the north and hit him in his left shoulder. King Russell heard running down the hallway of the castle. He jumped up out of his chair and started to run after him but King john said donít go, please help me with this arrow in my shoulder. King Russell walked over to King john and was helping him up when one of his guards came in and told him the Kings brother was outside with about half a legion with him and wantís us to surrender, when we asked why he said; for killing King john in cold blood.
 King Russell set the wounded King back down and told the knight to get the doctor and get the King patched up. The knight said yes your highness, and ran out. King Russell looked over at King John and said looks like your brother is the one who sent the asassin, but why? King John said, he told me I would not see the treaty signed. King Russell said Letís see what he is willing to do because I wonít give up without a fight. King John said donít under estimate him he went up into the mountains to see a witch just before I came to talk about the treaty. King Russell looked at King John in amazement, and asked what can she do?  King John said she has special potions to enhance endurance so you can fight longer. King Russell said I need to go see her and ask her for her help. King John said I will go with you King Russell said you are in no shape for such a journey. King John said I guess your right but I will send one of my personal guards, he knows where the place is at, and you will need some gold to trade for the potion. I happen to have a few coins with me that you can have. King Russell said thank you.
 I will leave first thing in the morning. King John said, I need to warn you about one thing, there seems to be an evil presence in the cave, so be careful. King Russell said ok I will be. The next morning King Russell went out through his secret tunnel to the back of his castle and headed for the mountains to the western part of his kingdom. It took almost three days to reach the cave. They camped at the foot of the trail leading up to the cave. The next morning King Russell and two of his guards walked up to the mouth of the cave and walked inside. After they went inside he saw a bell and he rang it, In a few moments they heard what sounded like someone scraping metal on rock. As the witch came around the corner the king saw she was blind and she was carrying a metal cane. The witch stopped a few inches from them and said may I help you with something your highness? King Russell said yes you can, I understand you have something to help us win a war. She walked over to the king and said what do I get in return? King Russell said I have a few gold coins. The witch held out her hand and the king put the bag into her hand. She said follow me. The king followed her farther into the cave. The witch put the bag of coins on the table and told the king to wait by the table and she would be right back with the potion. While she was away he started to look around when he saw a mist come from same direction as the witch so he thought nothing of it.
 Suddenly he felt an overpowering urge to do evil. When the witch came back she was carrying a small flask. She said to use this potion fill a tankard with water and put three drops in to the water no more, no less. The potion will be effective for up to five hours, do not mix with ale because it will not work. King Russell said ok and turned to leave, he stopped turned around and saw that the witch was walking back he walked over to the table and grabbed the bag of gold coins off the table and started to run before he got very far he heard the witch scream. He turned just as she hurled a lightning bolt at him. King Russell raised his arms in self defense and the lightning bolt hit the flask and at first nothing happened then his fingers started to smoke then his feet, until his whole body was nothing but a giant cloud. King Russellís mind just snapped and his first victim was the witch he hit her with a lightning bolt and she disappeared in a puff of smoke, which he absorbed.
 He started out of the cave and saw his two guards and shot them both with lightning and they disappeared into puffs smoke that he absorbed. Somewhere in the back of his mind was the battle so he headed back to his castle by the time he got there he could not remember which side he was on so he started hurling lightning bolts at everyone in the field he went over to the castle. King John was at the wall looking out towards the west for signs of King Russell when he saw a giant cloud come out of the west. And towards the castle and it looks like it has a face, and the face looks like King Russellís. King John ran to the other wall and got there just in time to watch in horror as the cloud shot out lightning and they disappeared. King John told every one to go inside before the cloud came and killed them. Then he ran over to where his youngest son was playing along with King Russellís son and daughter and told them to go and hide in the castle until he called for them.
 The young prince who was about eight years old asked his father why couldnít I stay with you?  King John said I need you to watch over King Russellís son and daughter until King Russell or I come for you. Young prince John looked up at his father and said I will do my best. King John said I know you will. He gave him a hug and sent them away, then he ran over to the wall and started to climb the stairs when he saw the cloud come over the wall. He started to run, when he heard what sounded like a thunderous laugh then he saw a bolt of lightning hit one of the guards and they was turned into a puff of smoke that drifted up to the cloud. King John decided to see if he could make it in to the castle before he was hit by the lightning. Young prince john was coming out to see what all the screaming was about when he saw a servant hit by a bolt of lightning and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Prince John ran back in where they were hiding until he heard his father calling for him. King john was calling for his son when he saw him running towards him with the other two children running right behind him. When he reached his father the young prince jumped up into his fathers waiting arms. Princess Cassandra and Prince George both asked King John where their father was. King John said I donít know where he is at the moment but if you like you can come live with us until we find him. Princess Cassandra and Prince George looked over at Prince John and said yes your highness.
 King John said from now on you could call me uncle John ok? Princess Cassandra and Prince George both said yes. It has been twenty years sense that day and the cloud is still menacing the country side King John has had several wizards try to come up with a potion that works but nothing has any effect on the cloud. Princess Cassandra has been away studying magic with the daughter of Merlin, Prince George has become a great fighter and Prince John is studying to become a great king. One day while Princess Cassandra and her teacher Marline was visiting King John she asked him if he has heard anything about the cloud and where it might be. King John said I havenít heard anything yet but I have sentryís sending me reports as to where the cloud is and the last report was it was in the northwest and heading farther west. Suddenly one of the guards came running in and said, your highness we just had a report that the cloud is coming this way and it will be here in a few days. King John looked over at Cassandra and said I think you will have your chance just tell me what you need. Cassandra thought for a moment, and said I will need about six of your best archers. And I will need six small pouches, and six fuses and six good strong arrow shafts, I will need them to be at the three highest points of the castle. King John said ok you got it. He said is there anything else that you need. She thought for a moment and said yes, please add six more archers and have them meet us in the courtyard at twelve o clock today. Cassandra said I would also need these special bags filled with hot air and tied with one hundred feet of rope each.
 King John said ok lets make it so. King John came over to where Cassandra and Marline was staying and knocked on the door. Marline came over and answered the door, and told King John to come in and wait for a moment then we will be ready. King John said ok and sat down on the bench by the door. After a few minutes Marline and Cassandra was ready so they came out to the courtyard with King John in between the two young women. A guard came over to them and said everything is ready your highness. King John said ok lets have some fun, are the archers ready? The guard said yes they are sir. Cassandra looked over at the bags filling with hot air and asked if they was ready? The guard said yes they are. She said ok letís go. King John told the archers to listen to Cassandra and do as she says.
 Cassandra told the archers you would be in sets of three per team, do not to shoot the hot air bags but to shoot as far above them as possible. The first set of archers could not even pull back the bowstring very far. The next team two could shoot the arrow and it went about one hundred feet above the hot air bags. Cassandra told the two archers to stand by the king. The next team made it and was waiting by the king. The next group could not make the shot. Cassandra looked over at the archers and saw there was only five. She said I need one more or it wonít work.
Prince George came over and asked if he could give it a try? Cassandra looked at her brother and said ok, give it a try, He picked up the bow and pulled back and let the arrow go and it flew up past the hot air bag. Cassandra went to her brother and gave him a big hug and said you will be the last archer. Prince George said ok now what is next? Cassandra said now we wait. The next two days were very tense when on the third day around ten o clock in the morning the alarm sounded and all the archers went to the highest parapet and waited. Cassandra went to the same parapet as her brother then shouted to the others, wait until the cloud is right above the castle then shoot your arrows into the cloud, Everyone get ready to light the fuse. Suddenly they heard a thunderous laugh as the cloud started coming over the castle wall. Cassandra yelled light your fuses now and fire! Everyone lit the fuses and shot the arrows into the cloud and the arrows came out thru the top of it and exploded sending a special powder all over the cloud. King John watched in amazement as he heard all kinds of small explosions inside the cloud, when suddenly the cloud started to glow and shrink and in a few minutes the cloud started to look human and after an hour, it had shrunk and floated down to earth. After another hour the cloud was totally human again and King Russell who was covered only with a blanket. King John came over and asked him how he was doing? King Russell said I feel like I just woke from a bad dream. How long was I that monster? King John said it has been twenty years since your transformation into the cloud. King Russell said where are my children? King John said I took care of them and raised them with my own son. Cassandra was the first to arrive then Prince George, They started to cry tears of joy after getting there father back after such a long time. King John helped to move him into his castle so he could rest for a while. After he slept for a couple of days King Russell felt better and he felt stronger to. One day while he was outside walking around a cart full of wood had lost a wheel and fell on top of a child.
 King Russell ran over to help get the cart off the child he bent down to help pick up the cart and much to his amazement and shock he had the cart up in the air and wasnít even trying. After he moved the cart he set it down and helped the little girl over to her mother and father. King Russell went back inside to talk to King John about what just happened. King John was in the throne room with some friends, when King Russell came in and said I need to talk to you when you are finished. King John said Iíll be finished in a moment. King Russell said ok and went to his room to relax. In a few minutes King John knocked on his friends door, King Russell said come in, King John came in and looked at his friend and said, you look troubled? Is any thing wrong? King Russell said I was outside this morning taking a walk when a wheel fell off a cart I ran over to help lift it off of a child I lifted it above my head by my self. King John said maybe you were just caught up in the moment.
 King Russell stood up and picked up the flat top bolder that was being used as a table and tossed it across the room without any trouble. King John looked on with wide-eyed wonder and asked how he did that? King Russell said I donít know, maybe itís a side affect from the potion that transformed me into the cloud. King Russell looked over at his friend and asked him what should I do? King John said I do not know but I do know that the original potion only lasted for a few hours lets wait until tomorrow to see what happens. King Russell Said ok I will wait. King Russell went to bed earlier that day because he felt exhausted like he hasnít been asleep for days. King Russell did not wake up until one o clock the next day. When he finely got up he felt like a normal person again, He walked over to the bolder that he tossed across the room yesterday and tried to pick it up, He tried to pick it up but all he could do was roll it across the room, To make sure that he was not to weak King Russell tried lifting the bed when a sudden surge of power he almost broke the ceiling. After hearing all the noise coming from his friends room King John ran over to the door just as King Russell was coming out. King John asked him what was wrong?
 King Russell said when I woke up I felt normal I even tried to pick up the bolder but could only roll it, And then I thought I would try to lift the bed I almost had a sky light. King John laughed and said, at least you havenít lost your sense of humor. King Russell said if I did not find humor during times like this I think I might go crazy, maybe what I need to do is just travel around and try to help people when and where I can. King John said you could do that here if you wanted to. King Russell said I know but all I see when Iím here is the pain that I caused while I was the cloud, and I think some of the people here still donít trust me. King John said I would make it known that if any harm comes to you I will see them hanged. King Russell said I donít think thatís a good idea, because if you did that you might not wake up in the morning. The best thing for me to do is leave but I will keep in touch. King John said what about Prince George and Princess Cassandra have you told them what you want to do? King Russell said no not yet but I will talk with them today about it. Later that day King Russell was talking with Cassandra and George about what he was going to do. Prince George said I donít really understand but if you think it is best then go, but would you try to visit once in a while.
 King Russell said I will. Princess Cassandra said I do not understand why you have to go canít uncle John do something? King Russell said stop and think for a moment, if he did what kind of a king would he be. Cassandra thought for a moment and said I guess your right; itís just that we just got you back. We donít want to loose you again. King Russell said donít worry I promise to come back to see you in a few months, then we will see how things are going. Cassandra said ok, but you better come back or I will bring you back with magic. King Russell said I will. The next day King John, Prince John, Cassandra and was all standing by the gate when he came walking up to the gate with his horse. Cassandra came over and gave her father a big hug and kiss. Prince George gave him a hug and said we are going to miss you.
 King John said we would all miss you. King Russell said and I will miss all of you very much, but I need to be going before I change my mind, then he walked out the gate and into the history books.     

  THE END???

Bug Report / another NPC
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:38:16 PM »
another NPC on Penglai Island needs translating Coords are 1000,973 name Miller Hung

Bug Report / another NPC
« on: April 10, 2016, 10:30:13 PM »
lilyplain Coords  518,182 needs translating  Lucky Chiu

Announcements / Re: Now Accepting Game Helpers! Apply Here![Open]
« on: April 10, 2016, 12:20:23 AM »
1) Belgar
2) I have been playing  CT for a few months I have played EO for several years
3) I am always willing to  help other players I am not looking for any benefits  looking to try and make a difference
4) 56
5) I have been playing this server for a few months and I am enjoying playing
6) I live on the west coast of the united States
7) Would you be a part of our forum ? post guides and other useful things? if I can I will do what I can
8 ) What would your current rating be for the server ? 1 out of 10..  Also state any things you may dislike about the server. Please do be honest as it will NOT effect your application ! 10 all the way!!!

Bug Report / training ground bug
« on: March 13, 2016, 03:26:26 AM »
I found a bug in the training ground while training thunder it stopped counting
It might have been a glitch.

When I restarted my PC once I got home and got back ingame the glitch was not there

Bug Report / another NPC
« on: September 03, 2015, 01:04:03 AM »
when you open the 20 count SP Exp Ball pack and click on it the Dialog box needs translating

GeneralYue exp exchanger after you use the red stones the Dialog box needs translating
in the offline training and you get a message that you can upgrade your lvl to 125 and you buy and use the red stones the dialog box needs to be translated

NPC LuckyChiu in LilyPlain Coords 519-181

Bug Report / 2 NPC that need translating
« on: August 29, 2015, 10:17:22 PM »
 I found 2 NPC that need translating
 the jeweler in DunHuang and Mergent Larry on the same map

Coords are for Xishi 617-960
for  Merchant Larry is 627-1049

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